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Cloud web hosting

Our websites are hosted on secure cloud servers within the UK, so we can guarantee that your website visitors are not routed thousands of miles through servers in the USA which can slow down website response times.

The servers are also monitored 24/7 - 365 days to ensure maximum security and reliability. Any technical issues are usually resolved within minutes.

Cloud servers simply means that your website is not located on just one physical server. It exists on a virtual server (a partition on a physical server) which uses disk resources from multiple servers on multiple platforms and in multiple locations. This means that if a server goes down in one location then it does not stop the website from working as it is able to use the resources from other locations.

Daily Secure Backups

Backups are taken every day and stored off-site for security, so if anything does go wrong then we can rebuild your website from the previous day's backup. Many web hosts only provide weekly backups which can be frustrating if you have done a lot of work on your website in that week. Sods law dictates that if anything can go wrong it will, and usually just after you have done loads of work on your website, so daily backups reduce the risk of losing your valuable work.

Domain Names

If you don't already have a domain name then we can register one for you (in your name). These are renewable every two years, and we manage it for you, but you always keep full ownership. Domain registration costs vary depending on the extension, so a co.uk domain for example costs £15 every 2 years, and a .com costs £20.

If you do have a domain name then we can either arrange to transfer it to our name servers for us to manage it for you, or you can leave it with your current domain host and point it to your new website on our servers (there are various options to do this). This can be the best method if you already use email services with your current domain host.

Web Space

Websites and stored emails use up web space (disk space) just as the files and emails on your own computer use up your disk space. If a website has many hundreds or thousands of images (such as a photographer's website or a shopping cart with hundreds of products) or if they use webmail and store many thousands of emails, then those sites can use many gigabytes of disk space. Whereas the average business website that has a few dozen images and graphics, and use traditional desktop email software that downloads email from the servers, will only use a few megabytes of disk space.

As you would expect, it is only fair that high disk users should pay more for hosting than low disk users, because they use more resources. So for this reason we charge a standard hosting fee of £15 per month for up to 2Gb of web & email space, and then £3 per additional 100 Mb used in any one year. Since most small business websites will never use over 2Gb of web space, this is a much fairer price package.

Unlimited Email Accounts

If you have your domain name on our name servers (ie: we manage your domain name for you) then we provide full email POP3/IMAP services on your domain. This allows you to have unlimited email accounts, and you can manage them all on-line yourself, or we can do this for you at no extra charge.

We recommend traditional email software such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird etc to collect and send email from your own computers. These download your mail from the mail servers and store them on your computer, preventing old messages from using up your web space, which is what happens if you only ever use webmail (managing emails via your browser). Your email software can be set to auto-delete emails older than 3 months from the server, thereby reducing the need for extra web space.

Full webmail service is also available, and is useful for those occasions when you are away from the office and don't have email on your smartphone. This allows you to access your email via any browser using your email account login details. You can of course collect your mail using any smartphone.

Web Stats

Every website can have full Google Analytics installed at no extra charge, so you can monitor the visitors path through your website. This provides valuable statistics which can show which pages are the most popular, as well as showing how long each visitor stays on your site, and which page they leave from (called exit pages). All of this can help with website optimisation. The clear aim of course is to get your visitors to end up at the enquiry page where they can send you a message and contact you for more information etc. If we find that they leave before getting to the enquiry page then we can look at making changes to the current exit pages to try to persuade visitors to go the required route.

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