Unlimited Website Upgrades

Unlimited website features

Your website can begin as a simple brochure style design with text and images and a contact form. This concept serves millions of businesses with an effective and cost efficient marketing tool.

However, you may decide that you need extra features that will help your business attract more enquires and ultimately more customers. These may include slide shows, videos, FAQ's, calendars, blog pages, Facebook links and feeds, enquiry forms, newsletters, galleries, shopping carts... the list is endless.

To have all of these features on your website from day one can be expensive, as well as more time consuming if you intend to update them yourself. It is often more efficient to start with a basic functional website so that you can become familiar with the practical side of managing the content (if you wish to do this yourself). Then, later, expand the site to include the features that will be the most useful.

Our websites are designed to be modular, which means that there is no limit to the range of features that can be added at any stage. This ensures that your website is always 'future proof', allowing seamless updates that keeps your website fresh and current.

The cost of adding extra features depends on the type of feature, plus any licence costs (some features are 3rd party modules), and the installation time. Simple features such as FAQ's and enquiry forms cost a few pounds to setup, but larger features such as shopping carts can cost a few hundred pounds if you intend to sell hundreds of products. As always, we can quote for any and all features that you need.

In most cases there are no increases to your hosting costs, so each new feature is a one-off installation charge. Some 3rd party shopping carts however charge for their services, but we will advise on the best solution for your needs.

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