Editable Websites - Made so Easy!

Anyone who has had to try and edit their own website will tell you that it can be very difficult, like having to learn a complicated piece of software. Most website content management systems (CMS) have been designed and created by programmers, and not end users. This makes them less than intuitive to use, and is often the source of frustration, and most often results in a poor website.

On Page Editing

The easiest way to edit a website is to be able to click on a block of text on any page and select 'Edit Block', which is exactly how our website system works. You never need to login to a backend admin facility. Just select the text you want to edit and bam.. it's there for you to edit on the page... simple!

You can also add new pages, and insert them into the main menu, or just in the footer menu, or keep them private so only members can view them when they are logged in.

Editing websites has never been this easy, even for complex page elements that would otherwise require bespoke html experience to create.

Easy to edit complex page elements

This process allows you to easily edit preset design elements such as the icon intros on our home page.

With a standard CMS you would have to know html in order to do this, but here you simply select the icon you want (from hundeds of options) and enter the title and body text.

The html is generated for you, so you are guaranteed professional results every time.

Cleaner Code = Faster Websites

The second major benefit of this system is that it produces cleaner html code which results in a faster website, and that means a better experience for your visitors a well as happy search engines.

Fresh Content = Better Rankings

Another major bonus that comes with an easy-to-edit website is that you are more likely to update your site with new content because you find it simple and quick to make changes and add new pages etc.

This is exactly what the search engines are looking for...
ie: the more often you add new content, the more frequent the search engines will visit your site and the higher your rankings are likely to be.

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