Low Cost Websites

Affordable websites

We only charge for the work that we do on your website, and only for the features that you need.

This means that you get the best value for our time & your money. We even separate the charges for setup & hosting because this will depend on the size of your website and the expected bandwidth, so small websites pay less than the larger media intensive sites, which is only fair.

For example:
a small website with less than a dozen pages and no intensive media content or advanced features would only cost £125 to setup, and then £15 per month for the website & email hosting (or £149 per year with 2 months free). The page content can be self-managed or fully managed by us, so if you manage your own content then you have nothing else to pay. Technical support is included in the hosting, but if you want us to add or edit your pages & content then this costs from as little as £10 per page, so you only pay as-and-when you need it.

With the above example a basic 12 page fully-managed website would cost £394 in the first year (when paying annually) and then £149 per year thereafter. The only additional costs would be for any special graphic design work, content management or for any new features that you may require.

We will always quote for the complete service, so you know in advance what you will be charged.

  • Low setup cost - start from as little as £125
  • Monthly Web & Email hosting - from £15 pm or £149 pa (get 2 months free)
  • Content Management Service - from £10 per page or £30 per hour
  • Extra Features - quoted according to requirement

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