Mobile searching overtakes desktops

There is no escaping the fact that more people are now using their mobile phones and tablets to search on-line than on computers and laptops. This has a significant impact on the design and content of your website as well as your SEO strategy.

Page Display Speed

Mobiles can't download content as fast as DSL connections, even when using 3G/4G, so it is essential to serve mobiles with reduced content to ensure they display your pages fast, before they go elsewhere. This means reducing the amount of graphics and images on your pages.

Mobiles have very limited screen space, so they don't want to have to scroll past large blocks of images and pointless graphics to get to the important text information.

Your web page content editor should be able to remove large images and graphics from mobile display, which means that you can show more images for the desktop visitors, but limit the graphical content on mobiles. Most modern responsive website systems should have this facility as standard.

Short Text & Search Keywords

Mobile keyboards make it more difficult to enter long text, so mobile users will type shorter search words. The means that you should be looking at using shorter keywords and phrases on your pages as part of your SEO. Keeping your text descriptions short and direct will also help make it easier for the mobile visitor to scan for the info they are looking for.

Mobile visitors may be searching for information while waiting for a bus, or having a quick coffee, or even while in a store. They don't have time to read volumes of text, So keep it short.

Remember that millions of people Tweet and leave short messages on Facebook and WhatsApp, so they are used to reading short blocks of text. Long passages of text are best added to blogs like this, so keep your main content pages short and sweet.

Mobiles Prefer Local Searches

People on mobiles tend to be searching for services in their local area, so if your business attracts trade from local customers, then make sure that you include keywords and references such as your town and county within the body text. This will improve local search results.

People will search for a "Plumber in Stratford", and not just "Plumbers", so remember that local services need to use local references as keywords.

Social Media Matters

People spend more time on social media on their mobiles than anything else, so it is important to engage with them by adding sharing links to Facebook & Twitter on your pages and blog articles. This allows your visitors to promote your pages and articles to their friends for free, so don't ignore this free marketing opportunity.

Mobile users can share your pages with friends if you give them the opportunity. This is free marketing, so embrace social media as the new publicity magnet.

The mobile search trend is set to increase year-on-year, so it simply can't be ignored any more. Marketing websites to mobiles is becoming the fastest growing media opportunity, and websites have to change to adapt or get left behind.

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